When a door shuts, another one opens. Or so the saying goes.

Unlike the door to our shed.

So all this speak of doors, I had a door person out today to inspect the failing shed door. Convinced the timber door was ruined due to weathering, we were looking at replacing it with something better. Turns out that door should have lasted… a simple, timber, west facing door should last at least 20 or so years. The door guy said that we were simply unlucky and it was a combo of termites and rot to the original door inspected, and also into the adjoining door. So the door guy recommended a simple timber door replacement with better priming and waterproofing to the new doors’ bases. Lets see how many times I can write door in one post? Challenge accepted.

With all that door stuff sorted, I was asked for my email address for the quote. And I handed over my personal one, no problems. Until later, I contemplated the fact I have a business address too. A straight forward address, with my business name in it. Would this have led into a question? He was a chatty door person and found my personal email odd as I give away too much info in it, so I’m guessing he would have questioned a business address too. Or not.

Which brings me to the end of this door filled post… and posing the question, do you use your personal email address or business email address for extra exposure?

And with that, by the end of the week, here’s to having that door shut.

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