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These larger markers take a punch while the artist can repeat designs over and over, and colour change their work with easeā€¦ just like magic.

Stampers can be used on their own, or interact with the Magic Pens or Blowpens to create artworks. Each marker has a different and unique design, which can change colour with the use of the magic pen.

The base signals the colour of the stamp, while the lid is the colour the image will become when colour changed.

Artists can be quite heavy handed with these pens, as they are engineered to withstand high impact. Watch as artists can continually stamp thousands of images and pen remains intact.

Stampers are a water based and non-toxic product containing no solvents or alcohol.

Identical to the Magic Pens design, the tip can be removed and water added to the base, in the event the cap is left off and pen dries out. German designed, engineered and manufactured.


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