Taking it one step at a time, entering the big, wide world of business and silently giving myself high fives for tackling a website, I can finally say, I’m officially online.

After a trip to Melbourne earlier this year, I fell in love with Magic Pens. Yep, those pens we all had growing up!… So here I am, chugging along on social media and developing a website to advertise and promote… a micro business which is at the very foundations. All while I’m suddenly finding terms such as ‘Pen Life’ and ‘hashtag magicpenswa,’ a very normal part of my vocabulary.

Why am I choosing to start a blog, on what is just another product website? Another reviewing site, with pictures and links… why a blog too? Confused? To be fair, so am I.

It stems from the last 6 years of our lives where we have lived and breathed all things camping. So in the first few weeks of bring Magic Pens into my world, people were quick to say “oh a website about your camping adventures”… cliché, but hey, here I am… so why not mix the two, no rules right?

To catch up, 6 years ago we purchased our first tent, which turned into a caravan… like magic? those pens!… which began our personal caravan hire venture. Before we knew it, my husband expanded to many hire vans and now is running a caravan business.

In the meantime, our two became three, making the final piece of camping and pens plus three.

In closing up, this blog too will take its own journey… one step at a time.


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