Friday nights at 18 years old. End of the working week. Catch up with a friend. Maybe a bite to eat. Maybe too many beverages.

Fast forward 17 years and here I am, in the middle of winter, at Bindoon Town Hall on a Friday night… yes, little, old, pretty Bindoon at a community market.

And with that, its reflecting just how much time flies because it feels like yesterday that I was calling my best friend to organise our Friday evening… I’m that old that we called because text messaging was only just coming in… Nokia anyone? Snake?…

Sometimes I wonder what actually kept me busy back then. Apparently shopping was stressful. And which pants matched which top. But honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. About then or now.

In those 17 years, my Fridays nights went from socialising til too late (or early?), to dating, to newlywed married life. Playing house and going out to dinner after our working week, with sleep-ins. Then we began welcoming our plus three, and Friday nights began partying again all night… which again, flies in retrospect. Those baby years certainly are a case of the ‘days are long but the years are short.’

But now we’ve reached the next phase of our journey. As a small start up entering market life, and the other half has opened a second branch, our Friday nights are suddenly a juggling act between the plus three and business. Do we enjoy it? Absolutely.

Which brings me to ask, how do you currently spend your Friday nights?

I met some awesome people at the Bindoon market and shared lots of laughs. And although they have changed, I’m certainly not complaining about these new Friday nights.

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