Brown paper bags. Got you thinking of 90s school lunches right? Picking up your lunch order from the canteen. The wholesome pizza pocket or sausage roll and choc milk or something super not nutritious. But it the best when it was YOUR name called to pick up your brown paper bag from the lunch order basket? #year3memories

Anyway… I saw them today, on the bottom shelf at Coles next to the freezer bags and zip lock bags. And considered buying them. Not for lunches. You see, I’ve had a couple of days of organising all the paperwork associated with small business. And filling in application forms for market stalls. Cue the bag.

While I’m super excited, and love everything about what I do and the products I’m so lucky to be associated with… nothing fills me with dread more than the unknown and the unfamiliarity of scenarios. Once I have routine, I’m okay, but its overcoming that hurdle. And I know I’m not alone, EVERYONE feels the same… but its still there. The overthinking, the silly questions (where will I park?!?… surely I’m not the only one who panics about that?), the self doubt… the endless list.

Which brings me to ask… what is your new surroundings survival tip?

Watch this space for a market stall announcement… and a nationwide shortage of brown paper bags.

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