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The highly sensory pens allow the artist to create an airbrushed or blown effect. The artist will be in awe when they are able to blow through the marker to reveal a hidden messageā€¦ just like magic.

Blowpens can be used on their own, or interact with the Magic Pens to create unique artworks.

One creative use is to write a word or draw an image, then the artist reveals the invisible art by blowing over it. In reverse, an area can be coloured, then using the magic marker, blown effects can be added. The colours dry immediately.

The marker is double capped, with a pen inside. The pen is also a finer tipped, colour changing pen for artworks. To use the marker as an airbrush, simply open the caps, click the pen into the clear cap with the tip firmly in the end, and place the coloured cap on the back. Blow through the coloured cap over a canvas for the airbrush or blown effect to take place. Reverse the system back for storage.

Though Blowpens are a water based and non-toxic product containing no solvents or alcohol, rest assured that the cap is one way therefore preventing the artist from inhaling any ink.

As the product may stain, it is advised that they are used with supervision. Tip can also be removed and water added in the event the cap is left off and pen dries out. German designed, engineered and PRC manufactured.


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